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Saint Elizabeth Capital is a private equity firm based in Chicago, IL that acquires, manages and builds small to middle-market companies, with small portfolio companies across the country. We believe the best opportunities to create significant value are found in companies that need new capital and new ownership structures. Our goal is to provide attractive exit options for owners and operators of small to medium-sized privately held enterprises, and to provide divestiture opportunities for divisions of corporate parent companies that no longer reflect the company’s strategic focus. The firm’s atmosphere is ambitious and energetic.



Delivering Value Across the Transportation and Logistics Industry

What sets SEC Consulting above the other consulting firms is our ability to provide solutions to all of your Domestic and International needs.

Our team’s provides extensive market knowledge that enables us to streamline your supply chain process in the shortest period of time possible.

Our transportation and logistics consulting team achieves transformations across the rail, shipping and logistics industries. Our approach positions companies for success in the face of current challenges. It also prepares them to ride impending waves of change, such as shifting trends in global trade, the uncertainty and volatility of the post pandemic reality, and consumer and regulatory demands for improvements in sustainability.

We have specialized in intermodal transportation by air, ships and railroads. Also with a extensive network knowledge of dray moves.

Ken Miller

President & Founder

Prior to founding Saint Elizabeth Capital, I served as Vice President for JB Hunt Transport’s Intermodal Division. I oversaw all aspects of the largest region in the company.

Since an early age, I’ve had a drive to succeed. Born in Jamaica, at age 15 I migrated to the United States to pursue my education. Even as a high school student in Long Island, I had a laser focus, going after what I wanted. My strong commitment to both academics and athletics led me to Syracuse University, where I ran track.

After Syracuse I spent 8 years in various combat units in the Army, which included deployments to hot spots like Haiti, Iraq, Bosnia, to name a few.

That commitment now extends into the business world. My years in the business have given me invaluable experience and expertise in operations, sales, transportation, budgets, intermodal operations, contract negotiations, customer relationships, safety, maintenance and budget preparation.

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